Learning about who some one really is, that's best done over time and well...drinks. 

So here's the short of it. Photography, Motorbikes, Family, Bonfires & Hoodies, Travel, Stories, People, Music, Love, Coffee & Tea, Food & Drink. I long for more adventures big and small, to share my time here with friends and family and those I have not met yet. I'm a wanderer, mother, photographer, dabbler, creative, supporter, and curious being. 

My name is Kristina Jager. 

Nice to meet you. 

My Story

Born and raised in a small town I spent my childhood wondering what was beyond the next hill, down the gravel road, the other side of the clouds, through the moon and past the stars. I wanted to be anywhere but where I was. So I told stories, I made up places in the space in my head and lived in these worlds all the while trying to fit into what I was supposed to be. I would sit in the corner of the playground and day dream of far off places,  my fingers would idly leaf through well worn pages of national geographic, time, and life magazines; becoming familiar friends with printed word and images of places I had not dreamed existed. 

Now, decades later, I sit in a little house in the big, big city with children running about wondering what their future holds, knowing that they are every bit as much the dreamers as my husband and I.  Trips to the market and drives to grandma's results in roads not taken, paths not yet discovered. 

Wanderlust and stardust is what we are made of.